Monday, March 25, 2013

Having a Happy Spring

Please, no paparazzi. :) Waiting in line for the bunnies.


Getting some Spring pictures at the Springs Preserve
She walked like this most of the day. Truly, she thinks she is a princess.

We spent the weekend before Easter enjoying the beautiful weather and taking in some happy family time. First stop, a bunny and chick petting zoo. I had such high hopes for this and was sorely disappointed. Bridget was a trooper though and waited easily in the ridiculously long line happily chatting with others around her and sipping her hot chocolate.

Next, a trip to the Springs Preserve where I knew we wouldn't be disappointed. We love it there and it's one of out go to places for pictures in the sun. Bridget had a great time seeing the flowers blooming, showing off her new springtime dress, and watching the new "Animals of South America" show.
I love the short amount of time we get Spring here in the desert. I'm glad we got out to enjoy it while it lasts.

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